Mobile Crisis Team is summoned by the Oakland Police to evaluate an individual in a crisis situation on the street. They can recommend that the person be sent to a  hospital or psychiatric unit.

Mobile Crisis Team
(510) 981-5254
Berkeley and Albany residents may call this service which operates from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days per week

Community Crisis Response Program

Serves Alameda County residents who do not reside in Berkeley or Albany.  Provides telephone and limited walk-in crisis intervention, psychiatric assessment and evaluation and temporary medication support. The Crisis  Response Program has offices in Oakland, Fremont and Hayward which are open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The program also has  offices in downtown Livermore and Pleasanton; these are open three days  per week.

 Bay Area Community Services (BACS) programs focus on doing 'whatever it takes' to help individuals stay out of institutional care and stay connected to their communities. BACS provides recovery-oriented behavioral health services, and provides the  largest program to end homelessness in the Bay Area which sees more than 80% of participants go into permanent housing. They provide services  to individuals and families, and also have a popular, affordable Senior  Day program providing engaging day services for elders with memory  disorders. 

 St. Mary’s Center in West Oakland St. Mary’s Center Senior Services Program offers a broad range of free services to meet the comprehensive needs of extremely low income seniors. Focused on the specific needs of homeless seniors and isolated elders, St. Mary’s provides for basic human needs~ housing, food, heath care and community. Last year more than 1000 seniors were helped by the Senior Services Programs. They also provide a Winter Shelter for homeless men. 

 Center for Center for Independent Living, Founded in 1972, The Center for Independent Living (CIL) is the world's first Independent Living Center, a services and advocacy organization  run by and for people with disabilities. CIL encourages people with  disabilities to make their own choices and works to open doors in the  community to full participation and access for all.

 Operation Dignity, Operation Dignity has been providing emergency and transitional housing to homeless veterans and non-veterans since 1993. Veteran run serving the homeless veterans and displaced populations of Alameda County. Their goal is to provide safe housing, nutritious meals, and a full array of services to help primarily homeless veterans and non-veterans so they can move forward in their rehabilitation process. Their housing offers clean and sober residences with on-site support for sobriety and other self-help groups.

 Swords to Plowshares,  founded in 1974 by veterans, a community-based nonprofit that provides  needs assessment and case management, employment and training, housing,  and legal assistance to roughly 3,000 veterans in the San Francisco Bay  Area each year. They also advocate on behalf of veterans and provide  community education for over 1,500 first responders, employers, social  workers, attorneys, and other professionals who engage with veterans. 


 John George Psychiatric Pavilion,  provides  services to adults experiencing severe and disabling mental illnesses, regardless of ability to pay. When children and adolescents come to the  Psychiatric Emergency Services or Crisis Services, they are referred to  hospitals specializing in their treatment. Services are designed to assist in controlling illness, achieving personal goals, and developing skills and supports in order to live as independently as possible. 

 Cherry Hill Detox and Sobering Center, Cherry Hill’s Sobering Center was designed to assist those needing immediate sobering services from  alcohol or other drugs with a brief visit of 24 hours or less. Each participant is continually monitored during the sobering process to ensure participant safety. The Sobering Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by State Registered Drug and Alcohol counselors. Unique to this service is a Health Center on site, staffed with Nurse Coordinators with State Licenses consisting of at least an LVN minimum. The Health Center and Nurse Coordinators are available to monitor withdrawal and assist with medical triage and assessment to insure safety and healthy sobering services and to provide TB testing for those participants seeking further treatment. Referrals to Medical/Psychiatric services are available for assistance. 

          last modified: November 12, 2019