One hundred percent of your donation goes to help the homeless as we are a small group of volunteers with no salaries,overhead,or administrative costs. 

We do, however, need help in defraying operating costs: nightly purchases of thrift store blankets, bottled water, and gas to reach Oakland's homeless each night. 

To make a tax deductible donation through your PayPal account click on the "Donate" button below, or send your PayPal donation to:

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Mission for the Homeless, P. O. Box # 7194, Oakland, CA 94601-3023


 Whichever way you prefer, we'll send you a tax deductible donation receipt for your records.

(EIN/Tax ID number: 46-0674496)

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we Always need:

Blankets - Twin/Full or Queen size "Comforter-style"

10 blankets per night.

Total: 300 needed every month

Bottled water

120 bottles of water per night = 5 cases of 24 bottles per case. (approx. $18)

Total: 3,720 bottles needed every month (approx. $558)

Plastic t-shirt bags
1000 bags every 9 days (approx. $67)
3000 needed per month (approx. $200)

Camping Tents

 4 person Ozark Trail instant pop up tents. 

  Designed for use on concrete. (approx. $54)
   Total needed: 20 tents (approx. $1080)

Socks - heavy duty working men's socks are best. (approx. $2/pair)
Total needed: 100 pairs (approx. $200)

Men's sweatpants - sizes Medium and Large (approx. $7)
Total needed: 20 per month (approx. $140)

Coats - Men's Large and Extra Large are the best sizes.
2-3 per night.
Total: 60-90 a month

Non-perishable food items
Granola/protein bars, pop-top canned goods, chips, cookies











Alameda County Community Food Bank and their volunteers prepare bags of "ready to eat" meals for the homeless. 


 Big O Tires, Dublin, CA through One Warm Coat generously collects and donates warm coats every December/January.



Nint Foundation, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55101


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