Ronald, 65 yrs.  old, was found at Lafayette Square Park immobile on a bench, and lying  in his own feces. We cleaned him up, got him housing, and through  frequent visitation, keep him up and walking to prevent the atrophy  which had plagued him for so long.    December, 2018 


Nightly visits to the Homeless

Mission  for the Homeless is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable corporation. We distribute blankets, food, clothing and tents to the homeless seven nights a week in Oakland, California. We visit approximately 120 homeless people every night. 

Read about the lives of some of these people in the cover story of the August 6, 2014 issue of the East Bay Express , and more recently at https://www.kalw.org/post/pastor-vinnie-s-one-man-mission-fight-homelessness#stream/0, and https://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/oakland-expends-considerable-money-and-person-power-displacing-homeless-residents-according-to-city-records/Content?oid=6913053.


Plight of the homeless

The  plight of the homeless in Oakland is becoming more evident as the  economy has made it more difficult for those “fallen through the  cracks”. Often stereotyped as annoying, categorized as worthless, the homeless easily become objects of neglect and abuse. If family, society and church remain uninterested and unconvinced as to the inherent  dignity of these people, we continue to recognize them without judgment or condemnation.  

 The question that remains is how to address these issues.  


Providing basic necessities, trust, and one on one personal assistance

 What does it take to improve a life? Many lack money, housing, food and personal assistance. Very few programs exist in Oakland, and there are obstacles inaccessing them. Since January of 1999, our outreach has been an ear to homeless people, treating them as individuals and gaining their trust. This makes them feel that there is someone in the world that cares about them and values them as individuals.

Nightly contact since January 1999

We visit homeless people on the street on a one to one basis. We know of no other shelter or homeless service in Oakland that attempts this type of outreach. The focus has always been providing basic necessities like food, blankets and warm clothing. 

One of our inspirations was a local organization called Food Not Bombs, http://ebfnb.org/, which provides a hearty hot meal, like lentils, served daily in People’s Park area of Berkeley. We ask local Oakland businesses and their patrons for donations; sometimes bakeries donate bread, and people have contributed clothing and blankets, sometimes even small bowls of food. We pack-up the food, clothing and blankets and make them available that night.  

 last modified: April 13, 2020